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Oyata Shin Shu Ho Motto

A Unique Martial Arts History

Taika Seiyu Oyata (1928-2012) began his martial arts training at the age of fifteen when he entered the Japanese Navy during World War II. After his tour of duty he was fortunate to train with two of the greatest martial arts masters who ever lived, Uhugushuku No-Tan-Mei a descendant of a Bushi family and a Chinese friend of Uhugushuku's named Wakinaguri. From these great men Taika Oyata learned the use of joint locks (TUITE JITSU) and vital point strikes (KYUSHO JITSU) and Kobudo ( OLD MARTIAL WAY ) weaponry.

After the deaths of his two masters, Taika trained with Shigeru Nakamura and many other famous Okinawan Martial Arts Masters. Not to learn their techniques per say, but to perfect what it was Uhugushuku and Wakiniguri had taught him. It was from Shigeru Nakamura that Taika learned the twelve empty hand kata that are taught in Ryu Te today. It was also from Sensei Nakamura that Bogu Kumite was introduced to Taika and is also now an integral part of Ryu Te®.

Taika Oyata is the founder of the RyuTe® Renmei Association and the Oyata Shin Shu Ho Ryu® organization. Though many instructors make claims, Taika Oyata was alone responsible for introducing Tuite Jitsu and Kyusho Jitsu into the United States.

   Taika Oyata spent most of his life perfecting his art and teaching it to the public through camps, seminars and demonstrations. Taika's legacy lives on schools across the US and overseas. For those who had the good fortune to train with Taika, they can attest he was a true master of a traditional martial art and a heritage that can be traced back hundreds of years.